Profiler in Nsight makes error


  • DRIVE AGX Xavier Development system
  • Drive Software 9.0
  • Host Side: CUDA toolkit 10.0 (410.xx)

Building/Running/Debuging DriveWorks samples at Nsight works pretty well.
However, profiling work returns some errors and is terminated.
I referenced similar posts, but the answers are not work to me.

Same job on Drive PX2 AutoChaufeur works VERY well.
(CUDA and Drive OS Version are different to Drive AGX Xavier obviously)

How can I resolve this issue please?


Dear ddpx2,
Did you check with latest eclipse IDE with Nsight plugin?

Hi SivaRamaKrishna,

I’ve installed whole SW again both DAX and x86 host.

Not even Nsight makes error this time, with similar warnings, Profiler does not work until now.
I can see some work-process on the console, after building, profiler tries to analyze CUDA application.
But it is terminated just after launch.

Project building and running some examples on the remote DAX work pretty well
Debugging as well.

Should I update CUDA toolkit of Linux Host from 10.0 to 10.1 for newer Nsight?


Dear ddpx2,
I can see the errors are reported as semantic errors in profiler_error.png(Attached picture). So building project should not be problem right?
I had tested nsight with a simple vector addition kernel. I do not see any issue with profiling.
Do you see any error or terminal? If possible please provide a sample to replicate the same on my machine.