Profiling with the Visual Profiler?

My Linux machine has Fedora 10 x64 installed. I don’t want to “pollute” it with a bunch of 32-bit support libraries.

CUDA 2.2 seems to include the Visual Profiler, but for some reason only a 32-bit version included in the 64-bit package. (Please nVidia make a 64-bit version available).

Is there a way to profile a CUDA kernel without the Visual Profiler? Having never used the Visual Profiler, I’m not really sure how it works.

Is there an environment variable or a compiler flag that can be set to dump profiling information out in a text format?

Thank you

Sorry to be confusing, but I meant for the to be “Profiling without the Visual Profiler.”

If anyone can help out, please share.


You can setup the profiler just by setting some environment variables before running your program. See the documentation in /cuda_install_location/doc/CUDA_Profiler_2.2.txt