Unable to profile x64 CUDA exe by Visual Profiler and Nsight Visual Studio.

I want to make some files of VC++ project parallel.
I have added CUDA 6.5 support through build customization and also added cudart.lib.

Applicaton builds for both win32 and x64 platform.
But only the win32 application exe can be profiled by Nsight Visual Studio and Visual Profiler.
The x64 exe run fine ,but crashes when profiled for kernel launches.

Is there any project setting I am missing?


You do not have to do anything different to profile a x64 application.

Please try to run your application using cuda-memcheck to ensure you do not have any uncaught errors in your kernel.

It would help the tools team if you can provide the
a. operating system,
b. graphics card,
c. nsight vse version, and
d. driver version

Filing a bug with a reproducible will greatly improve the response time.

Greg Smith

Operating system:Windows 7 64bit
Graphic card:Geforce GT 630M
Nsight vse version:4.1
Driver version:347.09
Cuda Toolkit:6.5