Proton and Wine not working with Quadro P4200

Hi all,
I have been struggling a lot with trying to get Proton and Wine compatibility layers working on my system. This started several weeks ago when I tried to get Flyout (Windows only game) working on my PC (Ubuntu 22.04, Quadro P4200, proprietary drivers). This game has an outstanding score on ProtonDB, and should have no problem running on my system. However, whenever I try to run the game, Gnome freezes, the game attempts to run, and then appears to crash as the blue “stop” button switches back to the green “start”.
The next step in my testing was to try running this game on a fresh install of Ubuntu. No dice. Tried 535, 545, 550, and noveau drivers with the same disappointing result.

I installed Ubuntu on my spare laptop (GeForce MX150), installed Steam, Proton, and Flyout, and it ran perfectly fine. Took the NVME out of my spare and put it in my main PC and it crashes in the same way as before. Back to the spare and it still works. ???
They are both Pascal GPUs with 8th gen Intel processors, same OS install, etc, etc, etc. The only substantial difference is that one is a Quadro P4200 and the other is a GeForce MX150.
I compared Proton logs between when I ran it on my main PC and my spare, and I believe the game is crashing because of the following line in the log from the main PC:
err:winediag:nodrv_CreateWindow Application tried to create a window, but no driver could be loaded.

Also, the game runs fine if I run sudo prime-select intel, reboot, and run the game, other than the fact that integrated graphics suck.

Thanks in advance!

Please run as root and attach the resulting nvidia-bug-report.log.gz file to your post.

nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (385.7 KB)
Here is the bug report

Please post the output of
vulkaninfo --summary


WARNING: [Loader Message] Code 0 : terminator_CreateInstance: Failed to CreateInstance in ICD 5.  Skipping ICD.

Vulkan Instance Version: 1.3.204

Instance Extensions: count = 20
VK_EXT_acquire_drm_display             : extension revision 1
VK_EXT_acquire_xlib_display            : extension revision 1
VK_EXT_debug_report                    : extension revision 10
VK_EXT_debug_utils                     : extension revision 2
VK_EXT_direct_mode_display             : extension revision 1
VK_EXT_display_surface_counter         : extension revision 1
VK_EXT_swapchain_colorspace            : extension revision 4
VK_KHR_device_group_creation           : extension revision 1
VK_KHR_display                         : extension revision 23
VK_KHR_external_fence_capabilities     : extension revision 1
VK_KHR_external_memory_capabilities    : extension revision 1
VK_KHR_external_semaphore_capabilities : extension revision 1
VK_KHR_get_display_properties2         : extension revision 1
VK_KHR_get_physical_device_properties2 : extension revision 2
VK_KHR_get_surface_capabilities2       : extension revision 1
VK_KHR_surface                         : extension revision 25
VK_KHR_surface_protected_capabilities  : extension revision 1
VK_KHR_wayland_surface                 : extension revision 6
VK_KHR_xcb_surface                     : extension revision 6
VK_KHR_xlib_surface                    : extension revision 6

Instance Layers: count = 8
VK_LAYER_INTEL_nullhw             INTEL NULL HW                1.1.73   version 1
VK_LAYER_MESA_device_select       Linux device selection layer 1.3.211  version 1
VK_LAYER_MESA_overlay             Mesa Overlay layer           1.3.211  version 1
VK_LAYER_NV_optimus               NVIDIA Optimus layer         1.3.242  version 1
VK_LAYER_VALVE_steam_fossilize_32 Steam Pipeline Caching Layer 1.3.207  version 1
VK_LAYER_VALVE_steam_fossilize_64 Steam Pipeline Caching Layer 1.3.207  version 1
VK_LAYER_VALVE_steam_overlay_32   Steam Overlay Layer          1.3.207  version 1
VK_LAYER_VALVE_steam_overlay_64   Steam Overlay Layer          1.3.207  version 1

	apiVersion         = 4206847 (1.3.255)
	driverVersion      = 96477185 (0x5c02001)
	vendorID           = 0x8086
	deviceID           = 0x3e9b
	deviceName         = Intel(R) UHD Graphics 630 (CFL GT2)
	driverName         = Intel open-source Mesa driver
	driverInfo         = Mesa 23.2.1-1ubuntu3.1~22.04.2
	conformanceVersion =
	deviceUUID         = 86809b3e-0000-0000-0002-000000000000
	driverUUID         = dc0c24af-21a0-4d95-8772-878c52e18bee
	apiVersion         = 4206834 (1.3.242)
	driverVersion      = 2246754560 (0x85eac100)
	vendorID           = 0x10de
	deviceID           = 0x1bb9
	deviceName         = Quadro P4200
	driverName         = NVIDIA
	driverInfo         = 535.171.04
	conformanceVersion =
	deviceUUID         = f97803c4-d43e-a71c-8e1f-a3afb8a348cc
	driverUUID         = 9e9beec2-01a0-5a56-ab1a-1002c4d2dfb1
	apiVersion         = 4206847 (1.3.255)
	driverVersion      = 1 (0x0001)
	vendorID           = 0x10005
	deviceID           = 0x0000
	deviceType         = PHYSICAL_DEVICE_TYPE_CPU
	deviceName         = llvmpipe (LLVM 15.0.7, 256 bits)
	driverID           = DRIVER_ID_MESA_LLVMPIPE
	driverName         = llvmpipe
	driverInfo         = Mesa 23.2.1-1ubuntu3.1~22.04.2 (LLVM 15.0.7)
	conformanceVersion =
	deviceUUID         = 6d657361-3233-2e32-2e31-2d3175627500
	driverUUID         = 6c6c766d-7069-7065-5555-494400000000


name of display: :0
display: :0  screen: 0
direct rendering: Yes
Memory info (GL_NVX_gpu_memory_info):
    Dedicated video memory: 8192 MB
    Total available memory: 8192 MB
    Currently available dedicated video memory: 8104 MB
OpenGL vendor string: NVIDIA Corporation
OpenGL renderer string: Quadro P4200/PCIe/SSE2
OpenGL core profile version string: 4.6.0 NVIDIA 535.171.04
OpenGL core profile shading language version string: 4.60 NVIDIA
OpenGL core profile context flags: (none)
OpenGL core profile profile mask: core profile

OpenGL version string: 4.6.0 NVIDIA 535.171.04
OpenGL shading language version string: 4.60 NVIDIA
OpenGL context flags: (none)
OpenGL profile mask: (none)

OpenGL ES profile version string: OpenGL ES 3.2 NVIDIA 535.171.04
OpenGL ES profile shading language version string: OpenGL ES GLSL ES 3.20