Public release

Does anyone got an idea about on the public release of OpenCL driver and SDK? I am using the the driver but I can’t use it at work because of the license because legal won’t approve under the current license terms. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Nvidia release it at the GPU conference at the end of September but that seems so far away and higher up people are loosing pationce with our research and development task because we can’t move forward until OpenCL is released. I am going to the conference but I really would like to see it released first so I can really get to work and have more experience before I go and before my project gets canned.

And yes I realize I could use CUDA (And have done a fair amout of CUDA work already) but that doesn’t meet our needs for this project.

We haven’t announced anything about a public release date, but I imagine it will be pretty soon now that Snow Leopard is out.

What is it about the driver license that your legal department objects to?

Maybe you can get some Mac with Snow Leopard (OSX10.6) and develop on that first?

I don’t know for sure the legal department is always very quick and vague. I work for a defense contractor and the security is always a pain to get new things in. I believe the opencl SDK still under NDA or was that just the beta version? Also they tend to balk if anything is beta or not a full public release so it might be that. I will try submitting it again now that there is the new version maybe that will get through.