What's up with OpenCL: nothing new in 2 1/2 months? TODO: Vista support, CUDA 2.3 compatibility,

Hi there,

just found out that OpenCL requires CUDA 2.2 drivers, making it impossible to develop both CUDA and OpenCL on one machine.
Also, I don’t see any driver for Vista.

What’s going on with OpenCL?

Why still no public beta?

Snow Leopard is out now - I bet Apple forced you to not release OpenCL before then - right? :)


OpenCL is like United Nation. You heard lots of talking but hardly any action

I use a MacBook Pro, and I installed Snow Leopard on one partition for OpenCL development and Leopard on another, for regular use and CUDA 2.3 development :-)

(I also have a Vista partition for CUDA porting to Windows on my laptop!)

So just create a little partition, 20GB is more than enough (I think 10GB is the lower limit), and you could begin to write OpenCL code :-)