PVD culling/rendering bug? doesnt draw compund actors?

I have physics actor made up of 3 boxes and 1 sphere. The spheres local translation is centered, 2 boxes have local offset on the +/- X axis slightly. The last box is down the -Y axis slightly, and rotated forward (toward -Z). All boxes are same size.
The actor is a kinematic actor, in PVD when inspecting the actor all the shapes have the correct data (sizes, local xform, flags, etc) but the shapes that make up the actor dont all draw. Sometimes 1 box draws, sometimes 2, Ive never seen all 4 draw. The bound around the actor seems to describe the volume it would occupy correctly, which makes sense because the data is correct.
Flagging it dynamic and kicking it around on a plane it seems to behave as though the shapes were visible.
Moving the camera around (while in place) with the mouse seems to cause some shapes within the actor bound to pop in and out of view along the edge of the screen while actor bound is still slightly in view, suggesting a culling/rendering related issue in PVD for compound kinematic actors.

This a known bug? anyone else notice anything like this?

PhysX 3.3.2 + newest PVD (upgraded last night from 3.3.0 + w/e PVD, did same thing in that version)

There is a new PVD here:

We fixed a few rendering bugs, please try that one.


A little feedback, this release seems to have fixed many of the rendering issues, but im noticing it grabs the keyboard even when its not the active window. Because of this, hitting w a s d keys moves the PVD camera while in other windows. This makes it difficult to have PVDs camera follow a selected object in its window, while working in another. Not sure if this is intended, and theres a way to turn it off, although I imagine it isnt.


Yet another PVD update was published yesterday, here is the latest link: https://devsupport.nvidia.com/FileManagement/Download/1898d813d7274595ba1d4076df9c4d0a

NumberXaero I did notice that too. Mike are these beta builds? I find that the PVD links you post usually fixes issue I’m having with PVD( the last one that comes to mind is plane geometry object not rendering ), however, the official release on the GameWorks website still have the bugs in them. Sorry to hijack the thread, and thanks for the release.