PVF exe files will not run on win XP and server 2003


We have a problem with the later versions of PVF that is now starting to become a major problem. The 64 bit exe files produced by the compiler simply returns the exception “not a valid win32 application” when run on computers running win XP or server 2003. On windows 7/server 2008 computers the exe files runs just fine. For PVF 11.9 it also is working fine, but for 13.2 and 13.5 we have this problem.

What is the problem here? Do I need to include required dll files or something?

Best regards,


Hi Casper,

Microsoft dropped support for XP and Server 2003 in their latest tool chain and in order to support Visual Studio 2012, we had to create two different PVF versions, one for XP, Server 2003, and one for Win7 and Win8. You must have installed the later.

From the Downloads page, select the appropriate PVF package, and then change the “Platform” to “Windows XP, Server 2003, or 2008”.

Hope this helps,