Win XP7-64 PGI PVF installation problem

Is it normal that the PGI PVF installation program does not terminate, does not show what it is doing and does not inform how much time is required to complete the installation process?

The only way to terminate installation program ‘PGI Visual Fortran 11.10’ is to stop it via the Task Manager. Could anybody advise regarding this matter?

The checksum for pgivfx64-vs2010-all-1110.exe is correct. Trial PVF version (including Visual Studio prgrams) were removed before installing the licensed package.


If the ‘trial version’ you installed worked, then all you needed to do was
replace the trial license with a permanent license, and restart the license service.

I am not sure what to suggest if an earlier installation of the same
download worked, but now it does not. This is puzzling, or I don’t understand
the issue.

Is a Win XP7-64 system an Windows XP system, or a Windows 7 system?
If it is a Win XP system, and it eventually fails with ‘object cannot be trusted’
event type, it could be this issue
in which case I have no fix.