Program too big for memory

I’m trying to install the PGI Visual Fortran (Workstation Complete), and the installer gives the error message “Program too big to fit in memory.” I don’t think memory is an issue, I’ve got 1GB of RAM. Does anyone have any suggestions, or is this just a problem with the installer? Thanks.

Hi jtullos,

I forwarded this issue to our PVF team, but they’re not sure why your getting this message. The minimum requirement is 500MB, which you clearly meet. It’s possible that your package is corrupt and we recommend re-downloading the product.

If it still gives you the error message, please run the installer with logging enabled (see below) and send the resulting log file to


DOS> pgivfx64-626-wsc.exe /v"/l*v c:\pvfinstall.log"

I’ve gotten the problem worked out through the sales department. The installation file that I was downloading was corrupted (the file size was too large), and even after repeating the download, it would not install. I have received the correct file now. Thank you for your assistance.