Python library for HX711 Jetson Nano

Looking for python library for HX711 load sensors for Jetson nano, something like below available for Raspberry pi
GitHub - gandalf15/HX711: Read HX711 ADC for Weigh Scales on Rasperry PIs..
I am trying to write/ rewrite one. Meanwhile if anyone has please share it.

Hope someone could share with you.

We are unable to toggle I/O uncer 60us even in lowpower mode. I couldnt find a way to boost bus speed . However In raspberry pi very old board has the capability to toggle under 60 us.
someone in nvidia should explain how to boost the bus speed ?

could you tell me, is it possible to toggle the GPIO under 60us ? is there any way to boost GPIO clock speed?

please see-also Topic 192147 for the steps to improve GPIO interrupt performance, thanks

I implemented libgpiod version and have succeeded on my HX711 device.

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