QT Creator GCC not Compiling

Hi everyone,

Following these instructions:

Install QT Creator on the Jetson

The next step is to install QT Creator on the Jetson. This will be used to run some GUI applications to help us find out more about the behavior of the steering servo and ESC motor. Run the following to install QT.

sudo apt-get install qt5-default qtcreator -y

You now need to open QT Creator and go to:

Tools->Options->Build & Run->Compilers

Click the “Add button” and select GCC. In the “compiler path” text box, add the path to gcc /usr/bin/gcc . Now you need to modify the ABI section of the GCC compiler. Change the setting to

custom – arm – linux – generic – elf – 64 bit

Save all your settings by clicking apply.

ERROR HERE >>>Now go to click the Kit tab. You should see an error here, with the Desktop kit not having a compiler. Simply create a new kit, (call it JetsonTX2), and you should see that GCC is an option in the compiler options of kit creation. You can now use this kit in order to build QT projects. Finally, make a directory for the car and clone the following repo into it. <<<< ERROR HERE

mkdir car_workspace

git clone https://github.com/jetsonhacks/jetsonRACECAR.git

There are two projects in this repository. Open up QT and open the projects in the Github repo. Build both using QT. This should create two build directories. One for the setThrottle program and one for the throttleControl program.

I have marked the location of where I am having trouble. I believe it is GCC compiler not to properly building.

Please see the Error Below.

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Please take a look and give it a try.

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