Quadro RTX 5000 crash and reboot

Hi, I’m trying to use a Quadro RTX 5000 with a software that uses the Nvidia API. When I try and use it the computer reboots. From the log file of the application I see information like this:
23.11.2020 10:36:38.703 [00002b8c] — NVQ disableCalibration[0]
GRID[0,0 5760x1080] GRIG_TOPO[3x1] GRIDS[3]
23.11.2020 10:36:38.761 [00002b8c] ------ NVQ disableCalibration dd[0]
displayId 80061086 sdr=0,0 - 5760x1080
23.11.2020 10:36:38.761 [00002b8c] ------ NVQ disableCalibration R[0 0
5760 1080]
23.11.2020 10:36:42.983 [00002b8c] ------ NVQ disableCalibration dd[1]
displayId 80061080 sdr=0,0 - 5760x1080
23.11.2020 10:36:42.983 [00002b8c] ------ NVQ disableCalibration R[0 0
5760 1080]
23.11.2020 10:36:43.441 [00002b8c] ??? NVQ disableCalibration SSI:
23.11.2020 10:36:43.982 [00002b8c] ------ NVQ disableCalibration dd[2]
displayId 80061084 sdr=0,0 - 5760x1080
23.11.2020 10:36:43.982 [00002b8c] ------ NVQ disableCalibration R[0 0
5760 1080]
23.11.2020 10:36:45.160 [00002b8c] ??? NVQ disableCalibration SSI:

They are calling NvAPI_GPU_SetScanoutIntensity for each display and it works fine on the first call, but fails on the two others (there are 3 displays attached)

Unfortunately the software vendor does not know what to do and claims that this works fine on a Kepler card.
I can’t find much on these errors and I was wondering if there is some debugging tools that could be used to find out why this is erroring out and restarting my computer,


Hey jj,

Is this your software you are trying to debug or a 3rd parties? If it is a 3rd party please feel free to put them in touch with us and we will get a bug opened to understand the issue.