Quadro vs GTX performance per price

There are many websites that compare and review GPUs with benchmarking. I see an comparison between Quadro K6000 and GTX 1080 (UserBenchmark: Nvidia GTX 1080 vs Quadro K6000). The Quadro is $4000 while GTX is $509. However, the results show that GTX is the winner.

So, a very simple question here is, who is going to pay $4000 when he can get more performance with $509? If that depends on the benchmark domain, then can someone explain where does the Quadro beat GTX?

Such results on the web affects the decision anyway…

I’ve seen mix reviews about GTX. I’ll be just finishing the installation of the new tires and forged wheels on the Jeep project and I’ll spend the cheque for the remaining computer parts I need for my system. I might give GTX a try considering its price.