Question about GPIO09 usage conflict with the ethO phy reset signal

we have got a problem with our customized carrier which has an audio codec that need config GPIO09 as MCLK , but we also want o make the SOM RTL8211 PHY RESET pin not impact as we want both of these two component workings well.

Any idea we can both make them working normally? thanks


as above NX design guide , both Audio codec and GBE PHY use GPIO09 , how can we make a custermized carrier board with Audio codec and also make SOM’s PHY RST working at same time ? thanks for advance

I think i confuse about the SOC_GPIO09 and GPIO09 on the pinmux table , it is diffrent

SOC_GPIO09 is a name from SOC itself, GPIO09 is pin name of 260 SODIMM golden finger pin name , it is not conflict .

Yes, they are different. GPIO09 of SODIMM is AUD_MCLK only. No need to care about the RST of Ethernet PHY in the module. They can be used simultaneously.

Thanks a lot , please close this thread