Question about Memory Workload Analysis (keyword)

Question about Memory Workload Analysis.

does there exist any documentation about Memory Workload Analysis?

Especially I want to know the keywords in map. It seems very helpful but I cannot found documentation in Nsight Compute :: Nsight Compute Documentation

I am attached the samples on Nsight Compute with running tf32TensorCoreGemm in cuda-samples.

ncu_cudasamples_tf32.pdf (1.2 MB)

You can find information about the memory workload charts and tables here. Further info about the used terms can be found in the metrics guide.

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Thank you for your reply.

In summary, The user should check both documents, i.e. Nsight Compute and Kernel Profiling Guide?

That’s right. The Nsight Compute document primarily explains the workflows and elements of the user interface, while the Kernel Profiling Guide documents the metric terminology and meaning itself and provides more insight on interpreting the data.

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