Question about the preprocess plugin queue?

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  1. When i see the gstnvpreprocess source code , i cannot understand some design of code. what`s preprocess_queue meaning? If no preprocess_queue , and just insert gst-queue plugin among the elements ,like this:

preprocess → gst-queue → infer → gst-queue → postprocess (with no internal preprocess_queue)

what`s the different between them? And In the preprocess_queue , it seems not control the queue length. What gains can preprocess_queue can bring ?
2. Other question, do most of the gstreamer original plugins has its own process_queue internal ? Or it just deal with the meta synchronized ? If i want multithread , only through the gst-queue plugin ?
thanks for your help

Just a basic skill to do some process asynchronously, no special meaning. With the sample library, the scaling and custom-tensor-preparation-function are doing in different threads by “preprocess_queue”.

It is normal to have multiple threads inside any gstreamer plugin. The gstreamer framework is also multiple threads based. I don’t understand what kind of multithread you want. The basic knowledge of gstreamer can be obtained through gstreamer community.

Thank u . i understand your meaning .

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