Question if possible share datasheet of "2SWNTC304-AP1D-B160T"

Question for using Orin used switch.

In orin DevKit BOM the Switch TACT RA Black (2SWNTC304-AP1D-B160T) is listed.
Can I use this switch for my new project?
Is there any need for confirmation from NVIDIA?

I requested a datasheet from the maker (Singatron Enterprise Co., Ltd. USA), but they told me to get a datasheet from NVIDIA since this item is a custom item.
If possible Please share the datasheet (2SWNTC304-AP1D-B160T) with me.


We can’t share datasheet of third-party device. What do you want to know about the switch? Maybe we can paste part of that for you.

I want to know the switch operation of the button.
Whether I push the GND connected and release the switch the connection is opened.
Is it right?

Because I’m designing ACON circuit with the on/off switch instead of a push button.
Auto Power-off to on option is listed on Dev. Kit schematic, but my user wants to implement with On/Off switch. (Please refer to the below schematic I designed and please check this function)


Yes, it is tact switch.

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