Questions about DTS/DTB for (sort of) uknown TX1 carrier board [L4T 32.7.4]


I have an Insta360 Pro 360 degree camera which uses the Jetson TX1 as its motherboard.

It has no lenses/sensors so I’ve flashed it with L4T 32.7.4 and it works nicely though I can’t access the USB-A port to use a keyboard or attach any devices.

I managed to extract the device tree from the original Android filesystem. Can I use this? If so, how?

I copied the .dtb into kernel/dtb replacing “tegra210-jetson-tx1-p2597-2180-a01-devkit.dtb” and ran:

sudo ./ -r -k DTB jetson-tx1 mmcblk0p1

but it just ends up in a bootloop after flashing.

Here’s the .dts that I used to make the .dtb:

I’d like to eventually use this to control a robot and ideally be able to access the CSI-2 ports, and control the OLED screen (and the fans, etc). Is this going to be possible with the dts/dtb?

Also, I found that the kernel version used in the original Android firmware is 3.10.9 and L4T 32.7.4 is 4.9.x.

Should I downgrade kernel? Downgrade L4T? Will it matter?

I used binwalk to have a look through the original Android filesystem and I think I can extract a kernel and initramfs from there; would they be usable?



Hi g1122,

It seems the custom carrier board and it is not designed by you.
Our official BSP package may not work with custom carrier board.
Please request the vendor for the custom BSP package since we are not clear about how they design this custom board and what changes should be applied.

I would suggest you design your custom board or using our official devkit for development.

Thanks for your reply Kevin; my project is to recycle the carrier board if possible.

Is there anything that I can do with this DTB file or are there other files that I would require to make it usable?

I can contact the company and ask but I am a bit unfamiliar with the terminology here, could you advise how to word a request to them?



You can dissemble the dtb to know some configurations but they are with hex value and you would not know their meaning.

You need to ask them for the schematic of the board (HW) and also the custom BSP package (SW).
You may also need to get their custom kernel source and the checklist for the changes they’ve ported for this board.

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