Quick question - OptiX initialization

Good Morning,

I have a quick question regarding the optixInit() function for OptiX 7.x. Does this function only exist for OptiX7.0 ? Does OptiX 6.x and less have a call similar to optixInit()?

Thank you.

The OptiX 7 helper function optixInit() in optix_stubs.h loads the OptiX 7 API entry point function table dynamically into a global variable of type OptixFunctionTable.

That is specific to the OptiX 7 API and doesn’t exist in the previous OptiX API where you simply link against the optix.65.lib, for example

It’s also not mandatory to use any of the optix_stubs.h functions in your OptiX 7 application.
For example, in my OptiX 7 examples I’m loading the OptiX function table per device.
Finding the OptiX driver DLL module handle under Windows is the crucial part in that.

You can see the OptiX initialization differences when comparing my initOptiX() functions in these examples:
Old OptiX API: optixIntro_07
OptiX 7 API and CUDA Runtime API: intro_runtime
OptiX 7 API and CUDA Driver API: intro_driver

Cool, that’s exactly what I wanted to know. Thank you @droettger