Where is the implementation code of the optix API?

I found that in the downloaded optix project, only some header files are provided, in which the optixLaunch method is declared, but the implementation of the method is not given. There are also no related .a or .so link libraries in the SDK directory. I want to know where the implementation code of the optix API is.

Thanks in advance.

The OptiX API implementation resides inside the NVIDIA display driver module nvoptix.dll resp. libnvoptix.so.

If you read through the examples, you’ll see how the OptiX API entry point functions are loaded into the OptixFunctionTable structure dynamically from these driver libraries.


Since the implementation of OptiX API is provided by NVIDIA display driver, do we need to update the Nvidia driver to use the latest features when using the updated version of OptiX?

Yes, each OptiX SDK version requires a specific minimum display driver version.
You can find that information inside the OptiX Release Notes for each individual version.
The link to that is directly beneath the download button where you downloaded OptiX from.
That is a mandatory read before setting up a development environment for OptiX.
For example: NVIDIA OptiX 7.6.0 requires that you install an R520+ driver

Thanks. I will read the OptiX Release Notes.

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