not installed by the driver

Hi, I need the library for optix applications, however, after installing the most up-to-date driver 515.57, I didn’t find the library above. If I directly extract the run file, I find the I get quite confused and would like to know how to correctly install the library in the /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gpu?

Hi @seasandwpy, welcome!

Which version of the OptiX SDK are you using? OptiX 6.5 and earlier have the .so file you need in the SDK, not in the driver. OptiX 7.0 and later include the .so file you need in the Nvidia driver, so you do not need to attempt to manually install yourself.

If you are just starting a new OptiX project, we recommend using the latest SDK (currently as I write this, OptiX version 7.5.) This way you you won’t need to worry about the .so library files or installation.


Hi, I am using Optix 7.4. I think the problem now is that the is not installed in the target position by the 515.57 run file. If I extract the run file, it contains libnvoptix library. However, after installing the driver with command: sudo ./ --no-opengl-files, I still can’t find the libarary in /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/.

Are you experiencing an error trying to run one of the OptiX samples?