Where can I find libnvoptix.so.1?

Where can I find libnvoptix.so.1? OptiX SDK 7.6.0 seems to depend on it, but I can’t find libnvoptix.so.1 after running NVIDIA-OptiX-SDK-7.6.0-linux64-x86_64-31894579.sh.


Hi @yyan2,

All files you need to run OptiX are part of the Nvidia display driver. Which version of the driver do you have installed? Note OptiX 7.6 requires a driver numbered 520 or higher.


I’m using Driver Version 470.141.03.
Does it have libnvoptix.so.1?
Can OptiX SDK 6.5.0 work with Driver Version 470.141.03?

For OptiX 7 and higher, all .so /.dll files you need are in the driver. For optiX 6.5 and earlier, there are a couple of .so / .dll files that ship with the SDK that you may need to place in an appropriate spot, or set your environment (e.g. LD_LIBRARY_PATH) so it can be found.

You can find the driver requirements for each version of OptiX in the Release Notes on our download page, or packaged with each SDK. OptiX 6.5 requires a driver numbered 435 or newer, so yes 470 will work.


I can’t find any files with file name libnvoptix* after running NVIDIA-OptiX-SDK-6.5.0-linux64.sh. I was able to follow the instructions in INSTALL-LINUX.txt and build executables such as optixHello. But after the build, I still can’t find libnvoptix.so.1, and optixHello fails because libnvoptix.so.1 cannot be found.

Where exactly is libnvoptix.so.1 under the NVIDIA-OptiX-SDK-6.5.0-linux64 directory?


The file named libnvoptix.so.1 is always in the driver. If your app cannot find it, then it means the app isn’t talking to the driver. Which OS are you on, are you using WSL or docker or something, or a full native desktop linux?

The .so file that is packaged with OptiX 6.5 is named something like optix.so.6.5.0 on Linux or optix.6.5.0.dll on Windows.


Thanks. I used ssh to connect to a Linux machine. After switching to vnc, I don’t encounter the issue with libnvoptix.so.1.

Now I am running into a different problem:

$ ./optixHello
OptiX Error: 'NVRTC Compilation failed.
nvrtc: error: invalid value for --gpu-architecture (-arch)

I guess it is because OptiX SDK 6.5.0 is not officially supporting CUDA 11, as mentioned in this post: Problem with running OptiX 6.5 program. "invalid value for --gpu-architecture"

In my environment
| NVIDIA-SMI 470.141.03 Driver Version: 470.141.03 CUDA Version: 11.4 |

I can build OptiX SDK 7.3.0 and run optixHello successfully.