Optix 7 DLL location?


previously I would DllImport the Optix.6.x.dll, however with Optix 7 I can’t find that anywhere.

How would I go about this, which Dlls do I need to use instead?


None. There exist no OptiX 7 application library inside the SDK you need to link against and ship with your application.
The API is headers only and you dynamically load the driver DLL. Have a look at “OptiX SDK 7.0.0\include\optix_stubs.h” showing that.

The implementation itself is inside the display driver. You only need a display driver version supporting the OPTIX_ABI_VERSION you’ve used in optixQueryFunctionTable().

If you used the CUDA Runtime API in your OptiX 7 application, you need to ship the matching cudart64_<cuda_version>.dll with your application.
If you used the CUDA Driver API, that also comes with the driver and no additional DLL is required.

Thanks, ok. This should be interesting.