Which project compiles optix.6.0.0.dll?

Hi, I am a beginner of the OptiX SDK.

I tried to compile the SDK samples and compiled them.

However, I don’t know which project makes optix.6.0.0.dll.
The compiled sample directory have one exe and several dll files in.
Among the compiled files, I only know which project is compiling sutil_sdk.dll.

Which project compiles optix.6.0.0.dll?
And why optix.6.0.0.dll files needed?

I’m sorry to have a very stupid question.
I will wait for an answer. Thank you.

The optix.6.0.0.dll ships as binary inside the SDK bin64 folder. That DLL contains all OptiX C API entry functions.
You need to link your program against optix.6.0.0.lib inside the lib64 folder and at least include optix.h in all your code.
Then you have the OptiX C API functions available in your host code and the OptiX device functions available in your CUDA device code implementing the ray tracing behavior.

When you start with OptiX please have a look through the API Reference and the Programming Guide.
Unfortunately the OptiX 6.0.0 programming Guide is not fully complete, yet. Some recent posts on this forum explain the new changes.

Then work through the OptiX SDK examples and the OptiX Introduction video and code examples on github.
These are also not migrated to OptiX 6.0.0, yet, but only a small change to the FindOptiX.cmake is required to make it find the OptiX 6.0.0 SDK and the newly versioned libs in that.

For additional questions, search through this OptiX developer forum first. Many are already answered.