I tried to create an optix project using the source code of samples. But I find out that the project could not debug successfully because the “sutil.lib” is missing. I don’t know where to get it, can anyone help me ?

It appears to be some sort of generic utility library that Nvidia used to build some of their examples. There’s a folder in the SDK (SDK/sutil) for me, but I haven’t tried building it, so I do not know if it works. I couldn’t find a pre-built library file though. I would try building it from the folder if you really need it.

Oh, you’re so nice and thank you very much. I would appreciate it if you’d like to build it.That will help me a lot.

It looks like they have a CMakeLists file in the folder. That should make it easy enough for you to build a version of the library specific to your setup.

I tried but I got errors “Unknown CMake command: CUDA_COMPILE_PTX”. And I’m not very good at using CMAKE, or I will use it to rebuild the samples rather than build it in VS2010 using the samples’ source code.
I wonder if it’s convenience that you can build it? Sorry to bother you but I really do not have any other choice.