I need your help—sutil.lib

These days I was trying to buil an sample by CMAKE. But I always ended up failing.
I want to create a new project using VS2010, however, there is no “sutil.lib” so I can’t build a new project successful. I found out that the only way to get the “sutil.lib” is rebuilding a sample by CMAKE. So now I am in a endless loop cause I can’t use CMAKE rebuild the sample successful so I can’t get the sutil.lib , which means I also can’t build a new project without CMAKE.
It drives me crazy now. I would appreciate it if anyone can give the “sutil.lib”. Please help me out!

Just one simple question : Did you configure the CMake within the top-level SDK folder or just in a project folder below?

yes I did. I tried lots of times, and always failed.

eh… i’m a little confused by your words.

as far as i know, to rebuild any single SDK project, you’re obliged to configure the Cmake file in the top SDK folder, which means rebuild all SDK.

for example, if you want to rebuild “tutorial”, DO NOT take the Cmake file in “tutorial” folder, but the one in SDK.

Questions like these should better start by describing exactly what you did and what the error messages were that you received in CMake and/or Visual Studio along with the following basic information.

What exactly is your development environment?

OS version, OS bitness, language, installed GPU(s), display driver version, OptiX version, CUDA toolkit version, Visual Studio version (this is not VS Express, is it?).

If the error is not during the CMake configuration and solution generation but during VS build, which target did you try to build? E.g. Debug x64, Release x64?