Optix samples/sutil_7_sdk compile don't succeed

Hello. I have installed Optix and Cuda. And I have also Make the SDK directory. But when I use vs 2015 to compile the project, the error “open not open file …\lib\Debug\sutil_7_sdk.lib” comes out. And a lot of errors occur in the project sutil_7_sdk.
I cannot find any helpful information on the internet. Please help me. T_T Thank you so much!

I just tried that for the first time and cannot reproduce that error.
I’m using MSVS 2015 Update 3 and CUDA 10.1. I install all SDKs into C:\sdk.
Mind that you must select a 64-bit compiler in the CMake GUI. That is not the CMake GUI default.

Please provide some more information about the actual errors.