R32.3.1 tx2-4g nvoverlaysink image does not show up on the HDMI only on my mipi DSI screen

I am using nvoverlaysink to display video without borders and control

xrandr --output HDMI-0 --same-as DSI-0

I have my mipi DSI display as the primary screen and I have the HDMI mirroring the main display,

the nvoverlaysink does not show up on the mirror, looks like it is bypassing the xwindows.

I need to remotely access my device and if the video is not on the xwindows will it be in the remote access

if I use xvimagesink the video shows up on both displays, but I can’t figure out how to control it’s size, and location, and remove the borders and controls.

looks like render-rectangle is not working to place the window on the display, the width and height appears to work.

Help please

nvoverlaysink doesn’t go through X, it is overlaid.
So you may have to use second nvoverlaysink ajdjusting display-id property for the second display.

@Honey_Patouceul explain why the mirror does not see what is displayed on the primary display


As you know that nvoverlaysink bypasses X, you would understand that mirroring with X would not help.

X mirroring mirrors the X display, but nvoverlaysink overlays onto a local display. For mirroring with nvoverlaysink, you would use tee in gstreamer pipeline and have each nvoverlaysink setting its display-id (such as 0,1).

Thank Honey Patouceul’s clear explanation.

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