Rage 2 ( native Vulkan Windows game ) hangs on NV Linux drivers , works on AMD RADV and NV Windows drivers

Someone started a topic but at a wrong place. So i will just copy that link to here.

Info is in the thread.

TL;DR: Grab Rage 2 from Epic Games Store until Thursday, install and run it for like 5 minutes. Game will hang no matter what NV driver,Wine version is.

Works fine on NV Windows driver on Windows. Works fine on Linux with AMD RADV via Wine. Hangs on NV Linux driver via Wine.

NV bug report retrieved from this state.

nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (328.8 KB)

If you can manage to get a lower kernel version give the 440.100 driver a try and see if it crashes.

We have filed a bug internally 3267900 for tracking purpose and working on it actively.
Will keep everyone updated.


Do note, Steam version doesn’t suffer from that somehow. Epic Games Store version does though.

With all same Wine/Proton (using Proton outside of Steam is possible) configs on same hw combinations tested ( multiple Nvidia gpu’s and couple of AMD gpu’s ) ;

1-) Steam version doesn’t hang on NV Windows,NV Linux and AMD prop Windows driver and RADV.

2-) EGS version hangs on NV Linux driver. Doesn’t hang on others listed above.

3-) EGS version seems to hang NV Linux driver at vkWaitForFences, likely related with some timing issue. Knowledgeable user who debugged this also sent an email to Linux bugs NV mail with a gfxreconstruct capture that reproduces the problem.

So key part is using Epic Games Store build of this game. On Steam version ( likely an older build or something like that ) it is not possible to reproduce.

Any news about this?

I guess EGS version of this game working only on Windows driver and RADV is not an issue.