Raspberry Pi camera module V2 not recognized by Xavier NX developer kit

Hi, I am am trying to use the raspberry pi camera module V2 with the Xavier NX devleoper kit but am having toruble with the NX recognizing the camera. I am using ‘v4l2-ctl – list-devices’ to detect devices and am getting ‘Failed to open /dev/video0: No such file or directory’. Not sure if I need to download a special driver or not. Thanks.

Mine recognise it in both ports. Use dmesg and ls /dev/video* . Maybe it is not v4l2 or uvc compilant?

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Make sure you turn off your jetson Xavier NX first, then connect the camera to the CSI-2 port (making sure the blue side of the cable is facing out away from the jetson) then turn on the jetson. Then, Try running this command;

ls -ltrh /dev/video*

This should show all available video devices recognised by ubuntu.

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hello LMyers,

that Raspberry Pi camera module V2 should be compatible with NX platforms,
suggest you disconnect power supply then setup camera connections, please also monitor the kernel init messages to check sensor probing information.
you may gather kernel logs for reference, i.e. $ dmesg > klog.txt, if you still not able to enable Raspberry Pi V2 on NX.

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