I’m quite new of this world.
I’m working on a Jetson and i’m trying to use the jetson_multimedia_api to record a video encode it and save it on a disk.
I already looked at tutorial 2 and 10.
Is it possible to came from a raw image (ARGB) and save it on the disk?
Raw2NvBuffer it look like the function that i’m looking for. But this function ask for a fd (fileDescriptor) in. Can you explain please how to push it into the encoding buffer please?
Thank you

For video encoding, you can start with


Please try the default sample. See if you can run it successfully. Input buffers to encoder have to be in YUV420. For BGRA, you can allocate NvBuffers in NvBufferColorFormat_ARGB32 and call NvBufferTransform() to convert to YUV420(NvBufferColorFormat_YUV420)