Real time kernel cycle test bad results

I have applied real time kernel on my Jetson nano. When I run cycletest as in the above thread it pretty much looks like the histogram before the poster of above thread applies the fix.

Is there anything like that for Jetson nano also?

It’s only available for Xavier series with Carmel CPU.

You mean the fix, or real time for Jetson in general?

I mean the tweak of those registers.

Okay, so for Jetson nano cycle test cannot get any better than this?

YES, I think we don’t guarantee it’s performance.

Well that sucks. We’re about to buy a Orin series board. If this fix also doesn’t apply for Orin series hardware AND Orin series hardware also is incompatible with PREEMPRT_RT I’d need to know that now.

Hi @jannick.bremm
The result on Orin series should be identical to Xavier series. We will check and see if we can do further enhancement in future releases.

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