Rebuilding the File System from ubuntu-base

Software Version
DRIVE OS Linux 6.0.6 and DriveWorks 5.10

Hardware Platform

We would like to re-create the device file system from a Ubuntu 20.04 base image. We tried to follow this guide.

We are part of the DRIVE AGX SDK Developer Program, but we don’t have NVONLINE account. We use SDKManager to download everything for Ubuntu 20.04 host and for the target device too, but we cannot find the deb files for the target e.g.: nv-driveos-linux-ubuntu-20.04-arm64-debians-*_amd64.deb or * nv-driveos-linux-libraries_*_arm64.deb. What is the way to reconstruct the target filesystem with SDKManager? If it is not possible with SDKManager, is there another way without having an NVONLINE account?

I’ll check with our team and update you here. Thanks.

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Since we are actively addressing this issue in the latest release (, could you upgrade to for this?

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@VickNV it could be a bit problematic because of the camera drivers we use, but on a longer run I think we can transition to Is this already fixed in that version? Will the arm64 packages for the target simply downloaded by SDKManager, or we need to do something special to download them?

We will upload the missing packages to NVIDIA NGC for your access. Please confirm if this works for you.

@VickNV sure, that would be a really good solution.

For CUDA, CUDNN and TensorRT we can see the tegra repo in NGC. Please let me know when the remaining packages are added.

Hi @VickNV, Unfortunately I still don’t see the files we need to recreate the rootFS. Do you have any time estimate when it could happen?

After reviewing the document, it appears that the issue extends beyond a package-releasing problem; there are also concerns about its outdated information about package names. I had informed our team on this previously and just ping them again.

Could you please provide more details on how this is impacting your development?

Hi @VickNV,

In our CI pipeline we build the full rootFS we deploy to the devices from scratch, from an empty Ubuntu base image. Currently we are on DriveOS 5 and in the middle of DriveOS 6 transition. I need these packages to be able to recreate a fully functional image (with CUDA, TensorRT, NVMedia libs, etc…) starting from an empty base image. Without the missing packages we are blocked in the DriveOS 6 transition. Any help would be highly appreciated,

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