"Received message larger than max (N vs. 4194304)" When Pushing Audio (not audio size dependent)

I cannot figure out how to get around this issue when attempting to push audio to audio2face

I thought it might have something to do with the audio so I began compressing it, but it turns out that is not the issue.

This is where the error occurs

    def make_generator():
        start_marker = audio2face_pb2.PushAudioRequestStart(
        # At first, we send a message with start_marker
        yield audio2face_pb2.PushAudioStreamRequest(start_marker=start_marker)
        # Then we send messages with audio_data
        for i in range(len(audio_data) // chunk_size + 1):
            chunk = audio_data[i * chunk_size : i * chunk_size + chunk_size]
            yield audio2face_pb2.PushAudioStreamRequest(audio_data=chunk.astype(np.float32).tobytes())

    request_generator = make_generator()
    print("Sending audio data...")
    response = stub.PushAudioStream(request_generator)

And then pushing the stream returns that error. I cannot figure out how to stop it as it is random.

Based on our engineers, this can have multiple reasons. Would you be able to share your audio file for further investigation?