Change of the Audio directory craches A2F

It crashes :/

Here are the logs

kit_20221012_102743.log (643.4 KB)
kit_20221012_105624.log (557.5 KB)
kit_20221012_105458.log (504.5 KB)

Also, if I try to just copy paste the path to “Track Root Path”

it crashes

re-installing did not helped

Ok, it was the TOO LONG audio file I had in the target folder!

I got a 44 KHz stereo wav that was 5 min 29 sec long.
This caused the crash.

So I tested this as 2 min 48 sec long wav file and no crashes!!

Maybe these kind of limits are must, to run larger scenes with multiple talking characters at cloud environment. This one cache file for example was 482 MB !!

So I understand these kind of limitations exists…

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