Issue with data type from the Riva client to Audio2face(2022.2.1)

Dear Nvidia experts,

Could you please help me with the issue of sending audio data in float32 numpy format from the Riva client to Audio2Face? I am currently receiving it in int16 format. In what data format should the audio_data variable be?

Thanks in advance!

Below is the code that I am using to send data to Audio2Face.

def push_audio_track_stream(url, audio_data, samplerate, instance_name):
    This function pushes audio chunks sequentially via PushAudioStreamRequest()
    The function emulates the stream of chunks, generated by splitting input audio track.
    But in a real application such stream of chunks may be aquired from some other streaming source.
    The first message must contain start_marker field, containing only meta information (without audio data):
     * samplerate: sampling rate for the audio data
     * instance_name: prim path of the Audio2Face Streaming Audio Player on the stage, were to push the audio data
     * block_until_playback_is_finished: if True, the gRPC request will be blocked until the playback of the pushed track is finished (after the last message)
    Second and other messages must contain audio_data field:
     * audio_data: bytes, containing audio data for an audio chunk, where each sample is encoded as 4 bytes (float32)
    All messages are packed into a Python generator and passed to PushAudioStream()

    chunk_size = samplerate // 10  # ADJUST
    sleep_between_chunks = 0.01  # ADJUST
    block_until_playback_is_finished = True  # ADJUST

    with grpc.insecure_channel(url) as channel:
        print("Channel creadted")
        stub = audio2face_pb2_grpc.Audio2FaceStub(channel)

        def make_generator():
            start_marker = audio2face_pb2.PushAudioRequestStart(
            # At first, we send a message with start_marker
            yield audio2face_pb2.PushAudioStreamRequest(start_marker=start_marker)
            # Then we send messages with audio_data
            for i in range(len(audio_data) // chunk_size + 1):
                chunk = audio_data[i * chunk_size : i * chunk_size + chunk_size]
                yield audio2face_pb2.PushAudioStreamRequest(audio_data=chunk.astype(np.float32).tobytes())

        request_generator = make_generator()
        print("Sending audio data...")
        response = stub.PushAudioStream(request_generator)
        if response.success:
            print(f"ERROR: {response.message}")
    print("Channel closed")

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Hi @shahizat Audio2Face 2022.2.1 is a little old. Can you use the latest one (currently 2023.1.1)?

I’m not sure I understand the issue. When you say you’re receiving it in int16 format, do you mean Audio2Face receives the audio in int16 format instead of float32? How do you know it’s receiving it in int16?