Connecting Riva TTS with Audio 2 Face Streaming

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Hardware - GPU (GeForce RTX 2070)
Hardware - CPU
Operating System - Win 10
Riva Version 2.14.0
TLT Version (if relevant)
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I’m trying to connect the riva-speech skills 2.14.0 with Audio 2 face 2023.2.0

  • In Audio 2 face i have enabled the Riva TTS plugin
    – I have created a streaming audio player and connected it to the time attributes in the action graph
    – I have set the URL for TTS to localhost:50051
    – I have set the URL for A2F Player to localholst:50051
    – I have set the Player instance to the player streaming audio player that was created

  • I have riva client and server up and running on docker

  • I have test sent a text from A2F and i can see it is being recieved by the Riva server. Logs below

2024-03-05 11:04:48 I0305 10:04:48.798074 11564] TTSService.SynthesizeOnline called.
2024-03-05 11:04:48 I0305 10:04:48.798333 11564] Using model fastpitch_hifigan_ensemble-English-US for inference with speaker_id: 0
2024-03-05 11:04:48 I0305 10:04:48.798460 11564] Using model fastpitch_hifigan_ensemble-English-US for inference
2024-03-05 11:04:51 I0305 10:04:51.577692 11564] TTSService.SynthesizeOnline returning OK
2024-03-05 11:04:51 I0305 10:04:51.578358 11564 stats_builder.h:164] {"specversion":"1.0","type":"riva.tts.synthesizeonline.v1","source":"","subject":"","id":"96e3e701-0766-48fe-a3a3-13bcecdff880","datacontenttype":"application/json","time":"2024-03-05T10:04:48.798039861+00:00","data":{"release_version":"2.14.0","customer_uuid":"","ngc_org":"","ngc_team":"","ngc_org_team":"","container_uuid":"","language_code":"en-US","request_count":1,"total_characters":5,"audio_duration":0.6733787059783936,"status":0,"err_msg":""}}

I’m thinking i might be connecting something wrong in with my setup in A2F
I’m not listening in on the correct port for the return stream

Hi @W1r3d do you get any errors? I’m trying to understand what the issue is.

The error is that i’m not seeing the Riva TTS audio stream playing in Audio 2 Face - Streaming Audio Player

Have you checked this tutorial?

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Yes i’ve gone through that tutorial

  • I’ve set the streaming up in the same manner as in the tutorial. Except i have localhost:50051 in both the TTS and A2F Player boxes.
  • It doesn’t work with the Riva Quickstart 2.14.0 Server it seems. (will post error msg in VS Code when i get home)
  • I do not have access to the demo scene that is being used so i cannot try it out(the menu option does not exist for me)
  • The script to start a local sever that they show in the video is giving me errors(will post when i get home)

I have the whole Riva Quickstart 2.14.0 setup deployed in Docker. Would be awesome if i could re-route everything through there.

The IP is localhost when the server is local. Default Riva port is 50051 which conflicts with A2F Player URL.

To fix this, we can modify riva_speech_api_port variable in ~/nvidia/riva_quickstart_v2.14.0/ You could use 50052 or any other ports besides 50051.

Make sure to --> edit port -->

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That worked like a charm!


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