Recompiling TX2 kernel

I’m on sdk version r32.3.1 and am trying to get dropwatch working, I need to see what’s going on deep down in the network interface. I’m able to build dropwatch, however, when it runs it throws up an error (’ Unable to find NET_DM family, dropwatch can’t work’) regarding some kernel level options. Googling around brought me to the following post which basically says, oh just recompile your kernel with the following option set. As I’m new to recompiling a kernel I have a few questions/concerns:

Where in the kernel customization process do I set " Networking support - Networking options - Network testing - Network packet drop alerting service - [M]"? I’m working through the kernel customization documentation and I’m at a bit of a loss as to where I’m going to need to set this option.

I’m working with an already customized kernel (modified by a coworker, currently on holiday), so I’m guessing I’ll likely need to pull an image off of the TX2 I’m working with so I get the modifications already made. How does modifying an existing image feed into the kernel customization process?

Is there a way to simply patch the kernel vs completely recompiling it, thus short cutting a fair bit of this process?

Any insight would be appreciated.


There are 2 kinds of binaries: kernel image and kernel modules.
Some drivers are built as modules (.ko file) and only loaded up when you need it. For example, wifi drivers from different vendors are generally in such case.
And kernel image is a binary that includes all the other drivers that are not built as modules. It is under /boot/Image.

No matter it is an image or a module, they are all binaries. It means you need to compile it after you change anything. Image would take more time to compile as it nature.

If you want to compile kernel, firstly you need download the kernel source from the dlc.

and then follow the document.