TX2, JetPack Ver.4.4 and kernel compile

Question 1.
I am using JetPack ver.4.4DP. I need to compile the kernel, but I don’t know how.
I got the following information from this site.I got the following information from this site, but it was difficult to understand the content of the site.

If I install JetPack ver.4.4, is there no need to compile the kernel?

Question 2
What does mean TX2 kernel compile?


It feels like even you don’t know why you have to compile the kernel.
Then why do you have to compile the kernel? How about we figure it out first?

Some general information might help clarify.

There is a kernel already in every freshly flashed system. Sometimes people need different drivers, and indeed many developers here are creating their own custom sensor drivers. If a driver exists and is not currently installed, then chances are you’d want to compile the kernel module. Not all features are able to run as a module, and in that case you would build and install a new kernel. A kernel module is still part of the kernel, but it loads as a separate outside file.

If you were to take a kernel’s current configuration, and compile it and install it, then this would be the same as doing nothing. However, anyone adding a new driver or working on drivers would first verify build works with a configuration matching the running system, and only then install a new kernel or kernel module.

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