TX2 complie and JetPack version

Question 1.
I am in use of NVIDIA Jetson TX2 model.
I try to install the JetPack through SDK then whether to install a tensorflow seems to be decided by a version.
I was experienced its installation at 4.2.3 version.
Here, I have a question.
I recognized other version has tensorTK then can I use other version for its installation?

Question 2.
I had an error while compiling a kernel.
I was following below link then I found there are serveral wrong and missing points.
So, I tried to forward to complie it refering other information temporary but it didn’t work well.
Kindly let me know whether the link is not updated anymore.
If so, please recommend me other applicable website.

Hi bh.yim,

For Q1, you can only install the version by JetPack, they can’t work well if installed individually due to low layer libraries/drivers dependencies.

For Q2, please refer to L4T developer guide: from https://developer.nvidia.com/embedded/linux-tegra-r3221