REG: power rating of TX2

I’m designing a carrier board with TX2 module, in datasheet 58 under Absolute maximum rating, it is mentioned as current consumption would be 3A max at 19V. But in my case I will supply either 9V or 12V as input voltage to TX2 module, so what would be the maximum current consumption for it?
Also there is no current consumption details for individual blocks, like ethernet, hdmi, mipi, it would be helpful, if i get the individual current consumption details also, because I don’t use all the blocks in the TX2 module.

Hi, ‘19V, 3A’ indicates the maximum power of module, if you choose low voltage then the current could be higher accordingly. If a interface is not used, its power consumption could be ignored.

thanks for the reply, can you please let us know whether on start-up TX2/1 will consume any Peak current? Also I don’t see any current consumption for individual blocks in product guide, datasheet or other supporting documents, please share the individual current consumption details for all the interface


on the TX2 datasheet 3, it is mentioned as module power will be 7.5 ( max-Q ) / 15 ( max-P ), but in 58 under absolute maximum it is mentioned as max power will be 57W @ 19V. I’m performing power budget for my project, so can you please let me know which power rating I should consider for worst case scenario?


Hi, max-Q and max-P are reasonable power modes with best/good power efficiency that can meet most use cases request. The real power consumption lies on the use case and also the thermal design, only a good thermal design can give more power margin for heavy workload, otherwise the system will throttle performance as overheat. You can run the worst case and estimate the budget needed but the peaks power is limited to < 3A@19.6V in EDP configuration for system safety.

Only the total power consumption of module is public.


thanks for the reply can you please address my below concerns,

  1. what does max-Q and max-P denotes?
  2. it is mentioned as 7.5 ( max-Q ) / 15 ( max-P )power will be consumed in normal case, can you specify the voltage rating for this power?? At what voltage values this values refer to?
  3. in the TX2 datasheet pg.no3 at the last note it is mentioned as “See the software
    documentation for information on changing the default power mode (default: Max-P).”, can you plese share the link for that software doucment, since TX2 developer website has many documents to refer, so it would be helpful you would provide that link.


If you want to seriously develop with the TX2 module, I think you should download and at least skim through each of those documents. It’s a large, complex, system, and you can’t make reasonable engineering decisions without understanding the gestalt of the whole system.

max-Q was described in released documents approximately as the “most performance-per-Watt” and max-P is “most sustained performance” of the module.
max-Q is approximately the same performance as TX1, but at half the power draw.

Also, be sure that you don’t confuse “devkit rating” with “module rating” – the devkit motherboard contains a number of sensors and interfaces like camera, Ethernet, WiFi, PCE Express, SATA, M-2, USB, and so forth. If you load all of those interfaces up at their max load, the draw will be much more than the draw of the compute module itself.

hi snarky,

thanks for your input, may i know what is the tested voltage rating for the power rating of 7.5 ( max-Q ) / 15 ( max-P ) mentioned in the datasheet?


The range of VDD_IN is 6.5V~19.6V, it will be converted to fixed system voltages in module.