TX2 SoM maximum consumption

I would like to design the Carrier board, so the voltage and current(5.5V & 7.2A, 19.6V & 2A) are maximum, right?

I looked at the numbers in the Jetson_TX2_Series_Modules_DataSheet_v1.2 we can get from Jetson Download Center.

Please let me know whether it is correct or not.

Where is the (5.5V & 7.2A, 19.6V & 2A) from?
The datasheet list:
VDD_IN 5.5~19.6V for TX2, 9~19V for TX2i/TX2 4GB.
Current IDDMAX = 3A@19V, calc by power ~ 10.36A@5.5V.

Thank you for replying quickly.

It is from TX2 Module Marking (Black Label)

Hi, can you please share a photo of that? Thanks.

I shared the photo on #3

Got it, we are checking this internally, will update once available. Thanks.

The numbers on the module are continuous current expectations for a 40W total power budget, which is 2x the nominal 20W power expected.

The max current in DS should cover the transient requirements to ensure the module does not brown out in heavy load use cases.

Thank you for your update.

So, the numbers on the module are not experimental values but calculated one, right?

It leaves space for nominal 20W expected.