Jetson deploy to vehicles

I need to deploy a TX2i onboard a truck which has 24V. I see that the operating voltage is between 5.5–19.6V. I want to know which is the recommended setup for these cases.

Also, the truck is going to be under extreme conditions, is there any additional recommendations for the setup on the truck itself (special cases, etc.).

Hi, please refer to module datasheet , the input voltage range is 9.0 - 19.6V. The temperature range of module is -40C - 85C, but it is about 0C - 50C to use full dev kit instead of module only.

Thanks for getting back, I understand the operating voltage is upto 19.6V. Is there any recommendation from NVIDIA regarding how to downscale the input voltage?

You’ll probably get the best efficiency if the supply regulates to about 19V. Beware that you need very good regulation (you may find obscure cases of not powering up or powering back down if power is not well regulated), and you want to protect against voltage spikes (automobiles tend to have large inductive loads, and this is dangerous if not protected against).

Thanks for the reply, we are exploring different cases which include the downsampling and I assume cover from voltage spikes as well but do you recommend a specific one?

Sorry, I do not have any specific recommendations.

We have no such recommendation. You can search in market for it.