Regarding Jetson AGX Xavier Industrial (JAXi) module (900-82888-0080-000)

In the Jetson AGX Xavier Industrial (JAXi) (900-82888-0080-000) module, what is the CPU core power and CPU SOC Power?

what is minimum and Maximum level power consumption of the CPU core Power and CPU SoC Power?

Please share the reference standard material for the Parameters (CPU Power, Soc power, CPU Temperature, eMMc size) Limits sets for warning and critical levels?

kindly share the Power graph and Temperature graph sheet for the Jetson AGX Xavier Industrial (JAXi)

Hi, we don’t release some info of module. What we can provide are all in DLC. You can find the module data sheet, Design Guide and Thermal Design Guide there.

How much maximum standards values (CPU Core frequency, temperature, CPU Power, CPU soc power, Wi-Fi link quality and signal level) need to use for writing the code for Alarm, warning or Fault??
Please share the industrial standard reference values in percentile and standard materials for the above parameters
Example: In the 64GB total Memory, generate alarm at 90% or 95% usage of 64GB. (whereas here 90% or 95% mentioned but we need industrial reference values for the above parameters) if we used 90% means need to show warning message. For this 90% is customized value but need industrial standard.

We don’t have the value for “wifi link” because there is no such thing on default AGX Xavier.

For rest of info, please refer to

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