Reinstalling nvidia-settings

  1. For some reason nvidia-settings now results in a segmentation fault. Last time I ran it about 10 days ago it was totally fine. I have added 4 additional GPUs to 3 already installed since then, but haven’t done anything else. No idea what happened… Nvidia-smi works fine, btw.

Can somebody explain what I should do to have it up and running again? Do I now have to remove CUDA, drivers and everything (like it’s described here and re-install everything GPU-related from scratch or are there less invasive options?

  1. This is probably a question more related to mobos than GPUs, but on the off-chance, what does it mean when GPUs are fully listed by nvidia-smi but only partially - by BIOS? I have 7 GPUs at this point, all are detected by nvidia-smi, lspci, etc., but BIOS only sees 4 of them, sometimes 5, but never all. GPUs are Nvidia 2080, mobo’s server-grade ASUS WS C621E SAGE.