Reliable USB 3.0 Camera

Does anyone know of a USB 3.0 camera/software solution that works reliably 24/7?

So far I’ve tried a variety of different UVC USB 3.0 cameras, but none of them work all the time.

Some of them will work the first time, but not the second time I run the app.
Some of them suddenly stop working for no particular reason.
Some of them take seconds to get the initial image.

In terms of software E-Con’s QTCam app seems to work the best. Largely because it doesn’t start streaming till you’ve selected the camera you want.

I have had cameras that seem to work, but then in the middle of an over the weekend experiment then suddenly stop transmitting images.

I’ve tried with/without the 4 port USB-Hub.
I’ve tried turning off USB Suspend
I’ve tried maximizing the TX1 clock setting

I haven’t had too many issues with the built in camera, but it’s not exactly a flexible solution.

The plan is to use this for the input source for a DetectNet based inference app.


NVIDIA enables camera partner Leopard Imaging to provide support for our platform.
Here is more info for your reference:


Thanks. One of the cameras is a Leopard Imaging camera. It’s one of the ones taking a long time to get the initial image. But, since it’s supposed to work I’ll contact them to see what the issue might be.

I have used both Logitech C920 and Logitech C922 on Jetson TX1/TX2. They seem pretty reliable. I’ve set up some object detection demo with them, and the demo could run 24/7 for over 1 month without any hiccups.

On the software, I applied either raw V4L2 API or Gstreamer (v4l2src) pipelines.

Does anyone know of a USB 3.0 camera/software solution that works reliably 24/7?

Yes, We’ve tested our See3CAM USB 3.0 Cameras in Jetson TX1. For more information:

Hi jkjung13,

which camera is better in your opinion for object detection on the Jetson TX2, the C920 or the C922?


From what I can see, in well-lit office environment both C920 and C922 capture very decent images. I’d think running object detection on either of them produces very similar results under such condition.

On the other hand, I’m really no expert in cameras and haven’t done much testing of either camera under low light conditions or for fast moving objects. I’d suggest you take your use cases into consideration when selecting the camera.

For me it is important to focus on far away objects so I’m not sure a webcam is a good choice at the end.


Adding to my colleague Dharma’s response above, can you please share more of your requirements? Specifically :

  1. What image resolution are you looking for?
  2. What output format (e.g. yuv, rgb, raw bayer) are you looking for?
  3. What should be the frame rate?

Based on the response to above questions above, we can recommend e-con camera(s) on TX1, for you. Regarding 24x7 reliability, please note that many of cameras have gone into multitude of end products requiring 24x7 and have indeed been proven to work 24x7 reliably, in the field.

Hi am2266,

When you say ‘far away’ what distance are you considering? Are you looking for a auto-focus or fixed focus camera? We at e-con systems have camera solutions for all needs and if you can provide more information on your requirements, we can suggest appropriate solution(s).

I am currently using Logitech BRIO, a USB 3.0 USB type-C webcam. The image is pretty good. It’s an upgrade to C920.


we intend to mount the camera on a UAV that will fly approximately at an altitude around 10/15 meters from the ground. We need the camera to focus on objects on the ground. Probably a compressed video will be fine and we are looking for at least 30fps at resolutions around 600x600 or lower.

We are considering the See3CAMCU50 or the See3CAM_81 to use with a Jetson TX2. The CAMCU50 seems more capable and it also has a larger FOV which is good for us. Do you have any other comments/recommendations about them?


Hi am2266,

Thanks for sharing more details of your requirement. Depending other parameters in your requirement, we in e-con, may have better solutions than ee3CAMCU50 or See3CAM_81, to be used with Jetson TX2.

Can you please reach out Will help you there.

Using Logitech C930e here, and it works quite well. We will be trying Logitech Brio next.