Remote power on of the Jetson Xavier

For my project, I need to be able to power on the Jetson Xavier remotely (no physical access to the board). Do you guys have any idea on how to do that?

I’ve read about the wake on lan option but it seems that this option is not available. Is this true?

Alternatively, I was thinking to simulate the press of the power button by soldering wires to the exposed pins of the physical power button on the board and connect them to another board (like raspberry) to control it.

Any other idea or better solution?

Thank you.

Hi @Alessandro.B, you can try wake-on-LAN on Xavier like here: Sleep state

I believe it requires the unit to be in suspend sleep state though, not completely powered off.

If you want to remotely trigger the power supply itself, it may be easiest to use a device like one of these:

You can place a jumper on the Xavier’s Auto Power-On pin, so it automatically boots when power is applied. This may be preferable to soldering/modifying your Xavier, which would void the warranty.

You can also find less expensive power relay boxes that use a physical remote control, or voice command to an Alexa/ect, if you do not require remote networking access to control the power. Or you could wire up your own AC relay to a controller board.

Hi @Alessandro.B, you can also try an Out-Of-Band control module connected to the power switch pins of your Xavier platform. This Out-Of-Band control module could be managed over the Internet (wake-on-lan only supports in local network), which means you can power cycling (on/off/reset) your Xavier from everywhere you are at, as long as you have the Internet access.