Removing CUDA 10, and loading CUDA 9 in a laptop running Ubuntu 16.04 and has a GTX 1660 Ti

I just got myself an HP laptop with a GTX 1660 Ti GPU. It shipped with Windows 10, but I’ve set it up to also boot into Ubuntu 16.04 LTS. For 16.04, I need the following:

CUDA 9.0
cuDNN 7.0.5

I loaded the GPU driver and it pulled CUDA 10 along with it. Is there a recipe for removing CUDA 10, and loading CUDA 9 in a laptop with the GTX 1660 Ti (and then the cuDNN 7.0.5)? Can I even use an older version of CUDA with the newer GPU in my laptop?


1.Install the latest driver for your GPU.
2.Study the CUDA linux install guide.
3. if you use a runfile installer for CUDA, deselect the option to install the driver. If you use a CUDA 9 runfile installer, you will get CUDA 9.
4. If you use a package manager install method instead of sudo apt-get install cuda do sudo apt-get install cuda-toolkit-9-0

I suggest asking the CUDNN question on the CUDNN forum.

Thanks, Robert. Using the package manager method worked.