Replicator showing error when running in a scene with water animation

I’m looking at running replicator script placing random objects on water surface in the pre-built sea scene “ocean_medium” under Examples in Omniverse.

The script ran successfully in my own ocean scene but in the ocean_medium one (that has water animation implemented in PushGraph), it shows
"Could not find OmniGraph node from node description ‘/World/PushGraph/get_camera_position’ – Node path ‘/World/PushGraph/get_camera_position’ was not an OmniGraph node’

Does that mean that replicator won’t execute script in a scene with pre-set animation?

Thanks for your help.

I was able to repro this issue. I’ve sent this to the devs to take a look at and fix. Thanks!

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Much appreciated looking into this. Look forward to hear from them.

thank you!

The error comes about because OmniGraph can’t find a node definition for the node at /World/PushGraph/get_camera_position. The node type (which you can find by looking at its properties in Kit) is omni.graph.ui_nodes.GetCameraPosition. The most likely cause of the error is that the relevant extension is disabled. Go to Window->Extensions and search for omni.graph.ui_nodes and ensure that it’s installed and enabled. You should then be able to run your script to setup the Replicator graph without issue.

Please let us know if you still run into any problem!

Hi, thanks heaps for looking into this.

This is what I’ve tested:

  • In USD Composer, open Ocean_medium.usd file from Examples tab, confimred that wave animation is working as expected
  • Save it to a new USD file scene_test_02.usd
  • In Code, install & enable both omni.graph.bundle.action and omni.graph.ui_nodes
  • However, When I hit play, I can’t get the wave animation working. It looks very realistic in USD Composer & I’d love to run my script producing synthetic data using the animated waves.
  • Further investigation found that version of Omnigraph editor & core in USD composer and Code are different. (Screenshots below)
    In Code:

In USD Composer:

Ocean wave animation uses some graph nodes that are only available in USD Composer, e.g. Flow Usd. It’s not available in Code thus animation couldn’t play.

Is there way of updating the extension in Code so wave animation can be working in both Composer & Code? thank you.